Hardwood Desk with integrated PC Inspired by the desk created by Zac Builds and found here, I decided to build my own hardwood desk which would house both my camera equipment and PC. Though similar to the design linked in aesthetic, the dimensions, features and actual design do differ to a significant degree.  I began by… Continue reading Desk

Electric Camera Follow Focus

Electric Camera Follow Focus Due to coming down with Covid in mid 2022, I had some extra time on my hands so decided I’d build myself an electric follow focus to control zoom or focus on my camera for my upcoming media project. Previously I had just    Motor Housing Design I began by designing… Continue reading Electric Camera Follow Focus

Train Project

Train Project The initial inspiration for this project came from some filming I did for an assignment shot on the old Cranbourne to Leongatha train line. This line closed in the early 90s leaving almost all its track still there and intact. Being two engineers with multiple months on our hands, my then star of… Continue reading Train Project